After The Move

Trying to settle into your new home can be chaotic, and trying to remember everything that needs to be done can feel impossible! We want you to feel calm, comfortable and confident in your new home as soon as possible, so we have created a checklist for all the tasks to be accomplished after your move.

After The Move:

  • Immediately change locks on all the doors of your new residence–you never know who may have a key!
  • Change all alarm codes, garage codes, etc. Once again, you never know who may already have the existing code!
  • Check with the sanitation department to see if you can recycle your moving boxes.
  • Update  your driver’s license.
  • Register your vehicles at your new address.
  • Change your voter registration.
  • Get license tags for your pets, if required in your new community. Remember that here in Boulder county, licenses are for each calendar year, NOT one year from issuance.
  • Install new batteries in all security devices, smoke and carbon detectors.
  • If moving into Colorado from another state: Get your automobile(s) emissions test(s) completed. Colorado requires an emissions test before you can get your new license plates.
  • If you are moving to a different county within Colorado: Notify the state as you may be required to get new license plates.
  • Notify friends of any new email addresses as well as your new postal address.
  • Send new email addresses to email lists, e-zines, and digital newsletters.

Good luck, and make sure to take the time to begin enjoying your beautiful new home!

Planning Your Move–Part 5

We have reached the end! For those who started back with Step 1, here are the final pieces of the moving checklist to help set you up for success in your new home:

Two weeks before the move:

  • Find your instruction manuals and warranties for all appliances and items that will be left behind for the new owners.
  • Schedule the post-move cleaning service (if required in your home sale agreement) and arrange for access with a neighbor if you won’t be there to let the cleaners in.
  • Clean out the trunk of your car so that it is ready to accept suitcases and boxes of special documents.
  • Schedule pick-up for items that you were unable to sell or dispose of.
  • Give away houseplants that you will not be taking with you in the car.
  • Arrange for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance prior to closing on your new home, or the start of your new lease.

In the final week before the move:

  • Pick up all laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Perform final yard work and drain all power equipment of oil and gas. Cut the grass for the new homeowners!
  • Check the attic, garage and crawl space for any items that may have been overlooked.
  • Back up important computer files.
  • Return all rented videos.
  • Return digital or set-top boxes to the cable company, if required by your contract.
  • Return leased DSL or high-speed cable modems, if required by your contract.
  • Empty your safe deposit box, and pack those items in the box that will accompany you in the car.
  • Prepare the “load last, unload first box.”
  • Designate a spot in the kitchen to leave the keys, garage door openers, appliance manuals and warranty folder for the new owners or tenants.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy your adventure! The stress is temporary, and the feeling of settling into your new home will be well worth all your effort!

Next week, we will cover some things that you should do immediately after your move to continue your smooth sailing!

Planning Your Move–Part 4

For those of you following our “Planning Your Move Series”, we are in the final stretch before your move is final! Step 3 took you to one month out, and now we start tackling everything that you need to do in your last month at your current home.

Three weeks before you move:

  • Hold a moving/estate sale.
  • Pick up a Change of Address Kit at the Post Office, or go to and schedule your address change online.
  • Send change of address information to:
  • o Accountant.
    o Credit card companies.
    o Insurance agents.
    o Magazines and other periodicals.
    o Video, DVD and other media subscriptions.
    o Your car dealer, if your car is still under warranty.
    o Lawyer.
    o Brokerage house or investment firm.
    o Your current employer’s 401-K administrator (for rollover
    o Your current employer’s HR Department (for W-2 forms
    at year end).
    o Alumni associations.
  • Give notice to:
  • o Schools.
    o Health club.
    o Church or Synagogue.
    o Book club.
    o Volunteer and service organizations.
    o Condominium or homeowners association.
    o Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
    o Return all library books, videos.
  • Cancel services such as lawn care, snow removal, pest control and milk/water delivery.

You’re almost there! Next week we will cover the last part of the checklist that needs to be completed before your big move!


Featured Home #28

Our next featured home is 4742 W. 105th Way in Legacy Ridge. This beautiful five bedroom, 4 bathroom home features two stair cases, an attached three car garage, and an open floor plan. Hardwood floors and granite tops round out the beautiful kitchen which includes an in-island gas range.

This home not only backs to walking trails, but also boasts a beautiful, professionally landscaped yard and patio area with a lovely water feature. The unfinished ment is waiting for your personal touch to create your perfect dream home!

For more information about this lovely home, please contact Scott Ripmaster at 970-708-0444 or

Featured Home #29

Our second featured home is a real Boulder treasure! 335 Grape Lane was recently built with a timeless aesthetic using only the finest materials. This shingle-style home is truly a one-of-a-kind gem in the coveted Newlands Subdivision. The home and lot are perfectly set at the end of a private drive on a nearly half acre lot abutting Mount Sanitas Open Space. Enjoy incredible city and mountain views, lots of privacy and beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces!

This beautiful, private home is near North Boulder Park, Ideal Market and Pearl Street. The location is convenient, yet feels a world apart! 

For more information on this amazing estate, please contact Steve Remmert at 303-302-8812 or

Featured Home #30

Our first home to be featured is a true Colorado Landmark. The Yellow Barn has been designated a Historical Landmark, and was originally the Allen Farm in the 1880’s. Autumn Hill Farm is the premier equestrian facility in 3 counties, including Boulder County. Nestled neatly against the Foothills just five miles north of Boulder, Autumn Hill Farm features a large indoor arena, facilities and training for more than 40 boarders, and currently specializes in Dressage. It is also grandfathered for 48 shows a year.

Located at 9417 Foothills Parkway, this beautiful property has 2 homes and and additional building site suitable for a home up to 9,300 square feet. Breathtaking views, 3 ponds and easy access to riding trails are all part of the 97 acre property.

For more information regarding this beautiful property, please contact Mara Yehl at 303-579-6879 or

30 Amazing Houses in 30 Days

Counting down to the holiday season can be so much fun, so we decided that we are going to help you count down by giving you 30 days of beautiful Boulder area houses! Starting Sunday, we will feature a new home for sale in the Boulder area. We are very fortunate to represent so many beautiful homes for sale in Boulder, we can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy Holidays!

Planning Your Move–Part 3


Preparing for your move can be full of surprises, some great and some not-so great. In order to help keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve prepared a series of checklists for you. With Step 1 and Step 2 down, you are now ready to tackle Step 3!

Four to six weeks before moving:

Schedule the disconnection of all your utilities. Leave the utilities on at your old home until the day after your scheduled move.

Arrange for connection of your utilities at your new home to start the day before you arrive.
Be sure to allow for a final trash pick-up after your moving truck has left.


Ask for referrals from your primary care physician and dentist. Remember to collect your medical records as well.

If you are packing yourself, being the process of packing up non-essential items. Be sure to leave out any paperwork (such as pay stubs and bank statements) that might be required by your loan officer.

Label all packed boxes and collect them in a spare room or the garage. Taking the time to clearly and specifically label boxes will save you time once you arrive in your new home.

After you finish step 3, you are ready for your last month in your old home. Next week we will cover your checklist for 3 weeks out, and before you know it you will be all ready to settle in your new home!

Planning Your Move–Part 2

Moving can be a very daunting task, so we’ve created a checklist for you to make it a little easier! Once you’ve tackled Step 1, move on to Step 2!

  • Get estimates from moving companies for packing and transportation (either your listing agent, or the buyer’s agent at your new location should be able to make recommendations.)
  • Get cost quotes from at least 2 truck rental companies.
  • Estimate the number of boxes and other moving supplies you will need (if not provided by your mover.)
  • Confirm type of payment (cash, personal check or credit card) with your mover.
  • Decide if you will rent or buy your new home.
  • Schedule a home-buying trip or make arrangement to secure an apartment while you house hunt.
  • Decide if you will need temporary housing and if so, start looking at your options. Your Realtor at your destination should be able to assist you with this step.
  • Explore your new community online, and get relocation information from a local Realtor at your destination.
  • Update appraisals on any valuable items that will be moved and need additional insurance.

That concludes this section of your checklist! Check back next week, where we cover what you should be doing 4-6 weeks before your big move!

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Planning Your Move – Part 1

Are you ready to move?


When it comes to moving, there are so many things that have to get done it can seem like an endless list.

It’s best if you can break tasks down d on your timeline, then tackle smaller lists instead of one big one.

How do you know what to do when? Well, that’s easy! We’ve made the lists for you–all you have to do is mind your timeline and tackle the tasks one by one!




Part 1 – What to do as soon as you know you are moving.

  • Discard linens, clothing, and other household items that are too worn to move as well as any unused items not appropriate for donation.
  • Schedule a garage sale or charity donation for usable items that you don’t want to move.
  • Make hotel reservations for the move – for your trip if traveling by car, and at your destination until your temporary or permanent lodging is available.
  • Have your automobile serviced with the new climate in mind. Check the tires, oil, filters and other fluids.
  • Use up supplies in your pantry and freezer.
  • Decide if you are driving or shipping your vehicle(s).
  • Use up gasoline, solvents, cleaning fluids, propane, aerosols, and nail polish. None of these items can be safely transported. Find the safe disposal location in your area.
  • Use a floor plan of your new home to place your furniture, determine what items you may go to your new location.
  • Decide if surplus items will be stored at either end of your move, and arrange for a storage facility.
  • Update your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, and remember to include items that will be stored.
  • Decide if you need a safety deposit box and a Post Office box at your destination, and make arrangements.
  • Decide how your pets will be transported to your destination.
  • Update your address book of friends and relatives.
  • Study your company’s relocation policy and/or employment agreement to see what expenses are covered and which vendors are approved.
  • Take pictures of your possessions for a home inventory.

Come back next week for your next checklist!