5 Tips to Start Your Fall Refresh

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It’s Time For A Fresh Start

Forget January! For many of us, fall feels like the time for a fresh start! These crisp mornings make us feel the urge to get ourselves and our home in great shape. Autumn is the season of harvests, festivals, winter preparations and of course spectacular foliage.

5 Tips To Start Your Fall Refresh

1.  Fashion  Enthusiasts  Take  Note-
Do you have a nook in your house that could use a little styling? A hat rack will not only give organization to your collection of hats, but will also display your collection in a creative way.

2.  Fall  Yard  Care  to  Tackle-
Rake early and often, by catching leaves before snowfall, you can prevent a soggy mess in the spring.  Aerate the lawn to alleviate soil compaction and beautify your grass. Fall is the right time to fertilize, the payoff will come in the spring.

3.  Two  Words – Fall  Harvest – 
Thanks to our friends at Food & Wine magazine for this mouth-watering fall salad and it packed with antioxidants.

4.  Host  a  Fabulous Fall Party – 
Make sure your home is complete with autumn inspired decorations like leaves, acorns and pumpkins. Backyard campfire parties with picnic baskets full of
s’mores create the perfect setting for lots of laughs.

5. Organizing  School  Fundraisers – 
Today is the day to gather up all those BoxTops, ink cartridges and milk caps and get them ready to send to school. Get them gone and to where they can do some good!

Get Covered in Gold 
One of the best hikes to see fall colors is  Kenosha Pass. With the snow-capped Rockies in the distance and about a 90-minute drive from Denver, it makes for a perfect leaf-peeping day. Get there early to avoid the crowds!

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