A Sense of Normalcy

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Create a Sense Of Normalcy During This Time of Uncertainty

1. Establish a Routine
Why? Routines can help you manage your emotional and mental health. “By making sure that you have some good routines in place, like exercise, connection, and putting limits on your news consumption, you can maintain some semblance of groundedness, even though we are all dealing with so many unanswered questions,” psychologist Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.


2. Make Your Home A Workable Space
This new norm…working, parenting, and now teaching from home is our reality. By setting up a dedicated work space, limiting distractions such as news and social media, we invite stability back into our lives.



3. Let Nature Be Your Refuge
The human connection with nature has important therapeutic benefits for mental health. Birds are busy making their nests, trees are starting to sprout and flowers are beginning to blossom. Let nature be your joy!



4. Keep Moving Forward
Are you planning a move? Juggling a variety of moving tasks isn’t easy. However, with the right organizational know-how, it can be done. A well-coordinated relocation is at your fingertips. Please reach out to us and we can provide you with a plan and our professional recommendations.


During this time, try to remember
that anxiety is a blend of
fear  and  hope, and see
if you can keep the hope part in mind.

We’re In This Together and We  Will  Get Through It!

Please reach out to us, your Org & Relo Team anytime.

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