After The Move

Trying to settle into your new home can be chaotic, and trying to remember everything that needs to be done can feel impossible! We want you to feel calm, comfortable and confident in your new home as soon as possible, so we have created a checklist for all the tasks to be accomplished after your move.

After The Move:

  • Immediately change locks on all the doors of your new residence–you never know who may have a key!
  • Change all alarm codes, garage codes, etc. Once again, you never know who may already have the existing code!
  • Check with the sanitation department to see if you can recycle your moving boxes.
  • Update ¬†your driver’s license.
  • Register your vehicles at your new address.
  • Change your voter registration.
  • Get license tags for your pets, if required in your new community. Remember that here in Boulder county, licenses are for each calendar year, NOT one year from issuance.
  • Install new batteries in all security devices, smoke and carbon detectors.
  • If moving into Colorado from another state: Get your automobile(s) emissions test(s) completed. Colorado requires an emissions test before you can get your new license plates.
  • If you are moving to a different county within Colorado: Notify the state as you may be required to get new license plates.
  • Notify friends of any new email addresses as well as your new postal address.
  • Send new email addresses to email lists, e-zines, and digital newsletters.

Good luck, and make sure to take the time to begin enjoying your beautiful new home!