All About Boulder

Did you know that among 14 comparable cities, Boulder ranks #1 in people who walk to work, work at home and drive with more than one person in the car?  Boulder also ranks second among those who bike.

Here are a few other BOCO fun facts we thought you might enjoy, we personally like # 10:
1. The Flatiron Mountains got their name by pioneer women who said they looked like flat, metal irons used to iron their clothes.
2. The Hotel Boulderado was named by combining Boulder and Colorado in hopes that no visitor would ever forget where they had stayed.
3. Bicycling is so highly regarded in Boulder that sometimes the city plows the Boulder Creek bike path before they plow the streets.
4. Robert Redford was a janitor at The Sink, before moving on to become famous.
5. The Denver Post once described Boulder as “The little town nestled between the mountains and reality.”
6. A Colorado Daily poll found that seven out of ten Boulderites own bicycles.  Another guidebook states that Boulder’s bicycle count is approximately 93,000 – almost equal to the total population!
7.  Every year, Boulder Mountain Parks core area receives 1.8 million visits.  If that many people made a human chain, it would stretch from Boulder, Colorado to New York City!
8.  With Coors, Anheuser-Busch and local microbreweries, this area has become the largest beer-producing triangle in the world.
9.  A 1992 survey by the Centers for Disease Control found that Colorado had fewer overweight people per capita and more people who exercise than any other state.
10. Boulder’s Third Flatiron towers 1,400 feet high, a few hundred feet higher than the Empire State Building, and has been climbed by people without using their hands, on roller skates, naked and in 8 minutes (by separate climbers).


from Boulder Colorado USA, 2014 Boulder Trivia Media Release