Just in case you didn’t already know how great Boulder is …

Beautiful Boulder

Ok, so we are definitely a little biased.  We LOVE where we live.  But we aren’t the only ones.

In fact, the Boulder area has won more accolades than any other community in America for its recreation, culture, health, business climate, and overall quality of life.





Here are just a few of the awards Boulder has won recently:

Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, Colorado

#1–Top College Towns, Livability.com

#1–Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid, Backpacker Magazine

#1–Top Brainiest Cities, Portfolio.com

#1–America’s Top 25 Cities to Live Well, Forbes.com

#1–America’s Foodiest Town 2010, Bon Appetit

#4–10 Best Cities for the Next Decade, Kiplinger.com

These are just a few examples to show how wonderful our community is.   No wonder so many people want to call this place home!

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