“Trick-or-Treat”: Halloween Happenings

Halloween is just around the corner and things are starting to get a little spooky here in Boulder! Check out a few of our favorite events going on around Boulder County in the coming weeks as we approach this most frightening night of the year!
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2-14 Upcoming Featured Events

This Weekend in Boulder: August 22-24

We are just shy of another WEEKEND. What do you have planned? Take a look at a couple things going on around Boulder this weekend and start planning! 
  • Robin Williams Tribute @ Boulder Theater: 6PM, Friday at the Boulder Theater. Honor and remember the talented and downright hilarious Robin Williams with a special screening of “Good Will Hunting” and “Mork and Mindy.”
  • Live Music @ License No. 1:  Enjoy a dazzling performance by DJ Beatnick this Friday night while sipping a License No. 1 signature cocktail. No cover! Music starts at 9 PM sharp.
  • Boulder Craft Beer Festival: Saturday, 12-5 PM located on the west side of Central Park in downtown Boulder. 
  • Farmer’s Market:  But, of course! Saturday – 8am-2pm. Shop your favorites both local and fresh. 
  • Boulder Outdoor Cinema: Saturday evening, 7:30 – dusk. Featured movie this week is ‘American Hustle.’ Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • USA Pro-Cycling Challenge: Sunday @ 1300 Block of Pearl Street. Stage 7!
  • Family Day @POSHsplat: Sunday afternoon – Paint “Western Sky” and let your creative side shine through. A perfect “Sunday fun-day”  event. From 2-4pm. $30/Adults, only $10/Kids.

Boulder Tops The List(s)

We are so proud to call Boulder our home and here’s why! Ranking at #1 (or somewhere close to the very top), Boulder continues to impress on all levels. Check out why Boulder is simply the BEST! 

‘The Best Cities for Overall Well-Being’ – from Gallup and Healthways

Boulder ranks #2 for the Best Cities for Overall Well-Being. Rankings were determined through an “average of six sub-indexes, which individually examine life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors, and access to basic necessities.”
The 10 Best and Worst Cities for Overall Well-Being

‘The Best College Towns in America’ – from Best College Reviews

After carefully considering livability, student-to-resident ratio, cultural offerings, school presence and large employers, Boulder tops the list at #1 on the chart for 50 Best College Towns in AmericaWe couldn’t agree more!
The 50 Best College Towns in America 

‘The 16 Greatest Places to Live in America’ – from Outside Magazine

With a combination of factors like number of outfitters, miles of trails, and number of bike shops along with considerations like unemployment rates, median incomes and more, Boulder comes in at #10 on Outside Magazines: 16 Greatest Places to Live in America, after a complete voting process. We’d be surprised if Boulder didn’t make it on the list!
The 16 Greatest Places to Live in America 

‘The 10 Best Bike-Friendly Cities” – from USA Today

Boulder makes another awesome list, ranking in the top ten for The Best Bike-Friendly Cities. This one is a no-brainer! …”From family-friendly paths to leg-searing climbs, Boulder has over 300 miles of dedicated bike paths, lanes and roads with shoulders.” 
The 10 Best Bike-Friendly Cities


The August Agenda

We are moving swiftly into August , with the fall season on the horizon – can you believe it!?   Here are some great events happening around you this month – start tacking them on your must-do list!

Summer Sidewalk Sale — Friday August, 1st – Sunday August, 3rd  

PEARL STREET MALL. Shop local for amazing bargains at some of the best merchants in downtown Boulder!

Boulder County Fair — Friday August , 1st – Sunday August, 10th 

BOULDER COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, LONGMONT. Rodeos, carnival rides, community competitions, live entertainment, beer garden, delicious food and so much more! Don’t miss out on all the fun.

Rocky Mountain Tea Festival  —  Saturday August, 2nd – Sunday August, 3rd 

BOULDER DUSHANBE HOUSE. Tea lovers rejoice and celebrate your passion for tea! Come learn, taste, and discuss your favorite beverage. [10:00 AM – 6:00 PM]

Lafayette Peach Festival — Saturday August, 16th 

PUBLIC ROAD, OLD TOWN LAFAYETTE. Food vendors, childrens’ activities, live music/entertainment all day, and PEACHES galore. Bring your appetite for peach pies, cobblers and smoothies! [9:00 AM – 4:00 PM]

Jazz on 2nd Avenue — Saturday August, 16th 

2ND AVENUE, NIWOT.  Celebrate the beauty of JAZZ in downtown Niwot’s 4th annual Jazz Festival. [10:30 AM – 10:00 PM]

Boulder Craft Beer Festival — Saturday August, 23rd 

WEST CENTRAL PARK. Soak your taste buds with various craft beers from some of Boulder’s favorite breweries. There will be live music and tasty treats from participating restaurants across Boulder will be available for sale! [12:00 PM – 5:00 PM]

Boulder Creek Hometown Fair — Friday August, 29th – Monday September, 1st 

DOWNTOWN BOULDER, CENTRAL PARK. The best close-out summer event in Boulder! Celebrate the new season with loads of fun. Event features a beer garden, food court, live music and entertainment, local vendors, childrens’ activities and sports expos, and carnival rides. [Friday, 6:00 – 9:00 PM] [Sat/Sun, 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM] [Monday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM]
Make sure you stayed tuned in with us, both on our blog and on our Facebook page: 365 Things To Do in Boulder for more fabulous events happening this fall!


All About Boulder

Did you know that among 14 comparable cities, Boulder ranks #1 in people who walk to work, work at home and drive with more than one person in the car?  Boulder also ranks second among those who bike.

Here are a few other BOCO fun facts we thought you might enjoy, we personally like # 10:
1. The Flatiron Mountains got their name by pioneer women who said they looked like flat, metal irons used to iron their clothes.
2. The Hotel Boulderado was named by combining Boulder and Colorado in hopes that no visitor would ever forget where they had stayed.
3. Bicycling is so highly regarded in Boulder that sometimes the city plows the Boulder Creek bike path before they plow the streets.
4. Robert Redford was a janitor at The Sink, before moving on to become famous.
5. The Denver Post once described Boulder as “The little town nestled between the mountains and reality.”
6. A Colorado Daily poll found that seven out of ten Boulderites own bicycles.  Another guidebook states that Boulder’s bicycle count is approximately 93,000 – almost equal to the total population!
7.  Every year, Boulder Mountain Parks core area receives 1.8 million visits.  If that many people made a human chain, it would stretch from Boulder, Colorado to New York City!
8.  With Coors, Anheuser-Busch and local microbreweries, this area has become the largest beer-producing triangle in the world.
9.  A 1992 survey by the Centers for Disease Control found that Colorado had fewer overweight people per capita and more people who exercise than any other state.
10. Boulder’s Third Flatiron towers 1,400 feet high, a few hundred feet higher than the Empire State Building, and has been climbed by people without using their hands, on roller skates, naked and in 8 minutes (by separate climbers).


from Boulder Colorado USA, 2014 Boulder Trivia Media Release



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Moving With Pets

Here at Colorado Landmark, Realtors we are passionate about our furry loved ones, which is why we can truly understand the stresses that moving can have on not only you, but for your pets as well. Make your pet’s transition to your new home as safe and worry-free as possible by following a few simple tips listed below. Your furry friend will love you for it!

1.        Update your pet’s collar tag. It is extremely important that your pet can be identified properly. Make sure your pet’s identification tag is updated with your most current contact information.

2.        Collect veterinary records. If you are moving far away and will need a new vet, make sure you obtain an updated, current copy of all your pet’s vaccinations and medical history. This is useful information that you can provide to your new vet upon arriving.

3.        Food and medication should be available. Keep at least one week’s worth of food with you, along with medication in case of an emergency. You might want to ask for extra prescription refills before moving. Being prepared for your pet is essential!

4.        Keep your pet away from the chaos. Your pet is sensitive and therefore can pick up on chaos, stress and other emotions. Keep your pets in a safe, quiet place during the moving process and provide toys and treats to keep them occupied and happy. If you are choosing to use a travel crate during your move, make sure your pet is familiar with the crate environment. This will make it easier for your pet to feel “at home.” If your pet is new to the crate, it might be beneficial to gradually introduce it to your pet before you embark on your long trip.

5.        Prepare a first-aid kit. It is always important to be readily prepared in the face of an emergency. You should always try to keep a first-aid kit for your pet in the car, especially for long car rides. In the result of an injury, there are a few supplies you should keep on hand. Some of these items include: gauze pads, adhesive tape, non-stick bandages, towels and blankets, hydrogen peroxide and an extra leash. Consult with your veterinarian before your trip to learn about additional supplies you should take with you.

6.        Play it safe in the car. The best way to travel with pets is by using a crate. A crate serves as a “safe-haven” or “home” for your animal and can help alleviate any stresses or fears that come from long car rides and new environments. Always make sure you have a ‘pet-friendly” plan developed when going on trips. Research lodging and hotels that allow pets, arrange stops every so often, and make sure the car is ready to go and comfortable for your pet. Taking these small steps for your pet will make the trip easier for everyone!

7.        Find a new veterinary clinic and emergency hospital. Before moving to your new home, ask your vet to recommend a doctor or veterinary clinic in your new location. Always make sure you gather second and third opinions about clinics and doctors in your new area to ensure you and your pet are committing to the right place. Don’t be afraid to ask for tours, schedule appointments to meet the doctors or test-drive a few places before making your final decision.

8.        Prep your new home. Often times pets can feel threatened or frightened in new surroundings. One way to ensure that your pet feels more comfortable is by recreating their old environment. Upon your arrival, bring out and place all of your pets familiar items (i.e. toys, beds, blankets, water/food bowls, litter box, etc.) and put them in a safe spots around the house.

9.        Research your new area. Once you are settled in your new home and have found a veterinarian, find out if there are any local health concerns you should be aware of for your pet such as heartworm or Lyme disease, and if other vaccinations are required. Also be aware of the unique laws to your new location that may differ from where you moved from. Finally, check out surrounding parks for your pets to play, especially for dogs. It may be wise to locate some of the fenced dog parks ahead of time that are in your area!



Make The Most Of Your Space

Don’t let the size of your apartment or home determine how you decorate it! Master your living space quickly and creatively with a few simple tricks and tips below to help create the illusion of a more spacious, inviting and open living environment!


Utilize the biggest areas of your home or apartment to provide a multi-functional space, and pair functionality accordingly. Combining your office with your living room is a great example of this.


Try to aim for free-standing furniture that is easy to move around and transform. This will give you the opportunity to change the structure and layout of your room hassle-free!


If you have window treatments, start by extending the curtain rods beyond the window  frame in order to draw the eye outward making the space seem much larger and allowing more natural light to filter in. Doing so will brighten and expand your room!


If you have a lot of knick-knacks, books and other small items, look for furniture with storage space. This is a great way to avoid feeling cluttered and will help your décor make a statement in an organized way!


Stick with simple themes. Embellishing a room with too many diverse colors or bold patterns can often shrink the environment and generate a “busy” feel. Using a maximum of  2-3 patterns will avoid this look and encourage an effortless, more comfortable atmosphere.


Boulder Dog Parks

No matter how chilly it gets, some of our furry friends STILL love to spend as much time as possible outside. They don’t mind the weather, and share a huge smile when they are free to run. Boulder is a very dog-friendly community, and there are several dog parks in Boulder as well as in the surrounding areas. But before you head out to your local park, please consider the following points made by the Humane Society of Boulder Valley:


Before you go:

Many communities throughout the United States now have safe, legal and enclosed dog runs and dog parks where friendly, well-behaved puppies and dogs can play together off-leash. Consider some safety measures before taking your pet to any dog park!

  • Don’t bring dogs younger than 4 months to a dog park. Puppies who have completed their inoculation series can safely interact with other animals.
  • Visit your veterinarian and make sure your adult dog has all of his/her vaccinations before visiting the park for the first time.
  • If you have a new dog, wait until you and your dog know each other. A good guideline is your dog knows his name and will respond to voice commands such as “come” before you visit an off-leash park. Observe how your dog interacts with other dogs before taking him/her to the park.
  • Use the appropriate park d on the size of your dog. There are small dog areas and large dog areas in the parks. Small dogs can be injured or killed by large dogs in the parks. Keep your pet safe from other dogs.
  • First-time users should visit the area at non-peak times. Peak times are Monday – Friday, late afternoon until dark. Saturdays and Sundays are busy by 9:30 a.m.
  • The first visit can be a little stressful for both you and your dog. If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough, leash him/her and leave immediately.
  • Be aware that dogs have different play styles. Educate yourself on dog behavior. Always keep your eye on your dog. Mischief can happen quickly.

Dog park rules:

There are a few standard dog park rules to ensure playtime is fun for everyone:

  • Guardians must be present within fenced enclosure and are responsible and liable for behavior of their canine companions at all times.
  • Guardians are responsible for cleaning up and properly disposing of dog waste.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations and display a city license.
  • Guardians must have in their possession a leash for each dog.
  • Aggressive animals are prohibited.
  • Guardians are responsible for obeying all park rules.

Once you and your friend feel ready, make sure to visit some of these local dog parks:

  • Valmont Dog Park: 5275 Valmont Road, on the north side of Valmont Road just west of Sterling Drive.
  • East Boulder Community Park: 5660 Siux Drive, behind the East Boulder Recreation Center at 55th and Sioux.
  • Foothills Community Park: West of Broadway between Locust Avenue and Lee Hill Road.
  • Howard Hueston Dog Park: On 34th Street south of Iris Avenue and east of 30th Street.

Next week we’ll share some dog parks outside the city limits! Until then make sure to bundle up, eat, sleep, play–repeat!!

Protect Your Pets through the Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for, including our furry friends that fill our lives with love. As we gather and celebrate, remember these tips from the ASPCA to keep your furry friends safe this year:

  • If you decide to feed your pet a little nibble of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked. Don’t offer her raw or under-cooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria.
  • Sage can make your Thanksgiving stuffing taste delish, but it and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression to pets if eaten in large quantities. Cats are especially sensitive to the effects of certain essential oils.
  • Don’t spoil your pet’s holiday by giving him raw bread dough. According to ASPCA experts, when raw bread dough is ingested, an animal’s body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach. As it expands, the pet may experience vomiting, severe abdominal pain and bloating, which could become a life-threatening emergency, requiring surgery.
  • If you’re baking up Thanksgiving cakes, be sure your pets keep their noses out of the batter, especially if it includes raw eggs—they could contain salmonella bacteria that may lead to food poisoning.
  • A few small boneless pieces of cooked turkey, a taste of mashed potato or even a lick of pumpkin pie should not pose a problem. However, don’t allow your pets to overindulge, as they could wind up with a case of stomach upset, diarrhea or even worse—an inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. In fact, it’s best keep pets on their regular diets during the holidays.
  • While the humans are chowing down, give your cat and dog their own little feast. Offer them Nylabones or made-for-pet chew bones. Or stuff their usual dinner—perhaps with a few added tidbits of turkey, vegetables (try sweet potato or green beans) and dribbles of gravy—inside a Kong toy. They’ll be happily occupied for awhile, working hard to extract their dinner from the toy.

 Happy Thanksgiving!