Women’s History Month

Each year, the U.S. recognizes March as Women’s History Month. This year, Women’s History Month is particularly celebratory at Colorado Landmark as the first year in our four-decade history that we are a Women-owned company.

2022 marked the welcoming of Orly Ripmaster, a second-generation Ripmaster but a first-generation female owner. Prior to joining Colorado Landmark, Orly was a Top Executive at Denver-based KSL Capital Partners, a $16B private equity Real Estate fund that specializes in Travel & Leisure investments around the globe. Private Equity is still a heavily male dominated field with only 12% female executives, according to research done by Bloomberg in 2021.

“That feels like an empowering statistic to be among the female leaders in an industry and have successfully found a seat at the table. But that seat, and my path to it, were carved by generations of bold and brilliant women before me. I’m forever grateful for their sacrifice and tenacity and feel a great responsibility to continue that fight.”


Orly’s return to Boulder to lead a woman-owned company was in many ways inspired by that responsibility earned in reaching those elusive executive levels.

“For me, coming back home to Boulder to lead and own a business and bring my knowledge and experiences felt important and personal. This community helped carve my path. Being the woman behind a woman-owned company, especially in a male dominated field, comes with the privilege and the responsibility of continuing to widen and pave the path for future generations of female leaders and business owners.”


When it comes to Women’s History Month, we asked Orly what the most important thing is to celebrate. 

“Mentorship, both being a mentor and having a mentor, is the single most important and impactful tool we have”  was her response.