Colorado Landmark’s Agent of the Month

Introducing Colorado Landmark’s Agent of the Month:

                                       Brett Sawyer….

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Living in Boulder is a dream. Natural landscapes to hike and camp, open-minded citizens that make the city warm, and ever-present views of the mountains that inspire an artful community. It is no wonder the Boulder housing market is booming, and studies have shown that if you’re living here, you’re generally pretty happy and healthy. There are a multitude of reasons for buying or selling a home, and your reason can be the biggest stressor you’ve come to face in your entire life – fresh beginnings, marriage, death, jobs, children, money, and sometimes maybe even just to treat yourself. When it comes to trusting someone with your home, you entrust them with your and your children’s lifestyle. It may seem like choosing the right real estate broker to fit your needs is a gamble, and according to Colorado Landmark’s knowledgeable broker, Brett Sawyer, it should not be, “There is an extreme difference between someone who is a part-time real estate agent vs. a full-time, trained real estate professional. For most people, a home is their most significant asset, and to trust the purchase or sale of that to anyone other than a true professional could be a disaster,” said Brett.

Brett, who was born in Boulder Community Hospital, has been a licensed broker for 15 years and an agent to Colorado Landmark, Realtors since 2012. The son to an Aerospace Engineer, and a CU Administrator, Brett is no novice to travel or adventure seeking. An avid mountain biker, in a world where traveling is the new stay at home, he has managed to see every continent excluding Asia, and still finds Boulder the place to call home.

Before becoming a general real estate broker, Brett’s career soared in luxury resort development, helping create communities such as Riverfront Park in Denver, and three years in Mexico as Director of International Sales for a luxury resort project. In 2009, after the recession hit, Brett wondered what a man with a degree in molecular biology should do and there he decided to stick with real estate and learn the ropes as a general broker. 7 years, and many homes later, Brett says that being a broker has given him an incredible lifestyle with a career that both challenges and rewards him. When asked about the mystique of Boulder and what makes it a cornucopia of excellence, he gave it the allegiance it deserves. Brett observed that, “There is an amazing combination of art, intellect, power, money and lifestyle in this city that some people don’t recognize. You can be sitting at a world-renowned restaurant downtown, and you’re shoulder to shoulder with an Olympic gold medalist, a Tour de France winner, and a Nobel laureate. It’s a unique variety of people who embrace intellectual and physical excellence, and but without pretense.”

Boulder demonstrates itself as an incredible place that attracts a diversity of people from all over the world, and as evidenced by the Curse of Chief Niwot, has the ability to capture the hearts of those who have lived here their entire lives.