Community Spotlight – Niwot, Colorado and Niwot Real Estate

A Little History of Niwot, Colorado

The town of Niwot is named for an Arapahoe Indian chief who lived in the mid-1800’s and played an important part in the history of Colorado.  Niwot’s people were hunting and fishing in the Boulder Valley

area of the Front Range when the first miners arrived in 1858.   Niwot welcomed these early prospectors and soon came to realize that maintaining peace with the constant stream of white men infiltrating the Arapahoe land was the only way to secure the survival of his people.  Despite his efforts to maintain a peaceful coexistence, Niwot was killed in 1864 in the Sand Creek Massacre when the Third Colorado Cavalry initiated an unprovoked attack on Niwot’s tribe camping at Sand Creek.  It is said that with bullets flying all around him Chief Niwot stood in the middle of the battle, refusing to fight against the white people that he still thought were his friends.

Niwot Real Estate

Chief Niwot
Colorado Landmark, Realtors in Niwot, Colorado

Niwot is credited with articulating the “Curse of the Boulder Valley” or “Niwot’s Curse” when he said People seeing the beauty of this valley will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty.” 

Even today most area residents say that this is a hard area to think about leaving, and those fortunate enough to live in Niwot are no exception.  In 1873 the Railroad came to Niwot and the town has thrived ever since.  Today the Olde Town Niwot business area from 2nd Avenue to Cottonwood Square is dotted with quaint shops and award-winning restaurants. Struck by the charm of the community visitors will no doubt say “I want to live here”.

Real Estate in Niwot, Colorado

Niwot boasts an impressive and wide variety of housing options, from condos and townhomes priced under $200,000 to 45-acre horse properties priced at over $4.0 million.  Widely considered to be a luxury community, there are currently 73 properties on the market as of 8/27/2012 ranging from $82,900 to $4.5 million, with an average of over $1.25 million and a median of $949,450.



Single Family


Price Range

Average Price

Median Price

Active Listings



1 Land, 1 Farm

$82,900 – $4,500,000



Sold (Jan-June 2012)




$70,000 – $1,858,000



Sold (July-Dec 2011)




$120,000 – $3,000,000



Colorado Landmark, Realtors in Niwot, Colorado

For 10 wonderful years Colorado Landmark, Realtors has been fortunate enough to have a branch office in downtown Niwot, right in the heart of the action on 2ndAvenue.  Our Niwot office sales associates have an average of over 15 years of experience in real estate and all of them are residents themselves of the Niwot and Longmont areas.  If you or someone you know is interested in the Niwot community or in purchasing or selling real estate in Niwot, please give our office a call.  We are the Boulder and Niwot communities’ most powerful resource for distinctive properties since 1977.

Colorado Landmark, Realtors in Niwot

Celebrating 10 Years of Real Estate in Niwot