Danver Ranking means Good News for Boulder Real Estate, Boulder Jobs

Price Waterhouse/Cooper and the Urban Land Institute recently released a report detailing 10 national cities to watch with regard to commercial real estate recovery and growth. For the third year in a row Denver ranked in the top ten! Given the reasons cited for Denver’s ranking it follows that the Boulder area plays a huge factor in the Denver area’s economic health.
Why? Because the study specifically cited green initiatives as the main booster in the area’s local economy and that the city is a national hub for alternative energy, wind farm manufacturing and natural gas. Many of the companies that play the biggest roles in these local industries are right in OUR backyard, in Broomfield, Golden, and even in Boulder proper, so Denver … say a big thank you to the Boulder Area for your accolades!
Many of these energy industry companies are growing and expanding, which should be good news for our local employment figures. When companies hire locally and bring in talent from outside the area that provides a boost in consumer spending and real estate sales, thus increasing tax revenues for local municipalities. Conoco Phillips will have a significant impact on our local economy when they start staffing up their facility from 2012-2014.
For the full report click HERE, but if you just want some highlights, here they are. Denver was:
#10 – Multifamily and Commercial Investment
#9 – For Sale Homebuilding
#8 – Apartment Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations
#8 – Office Property Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations
#11 – Retail Property Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations
#12 – Hotel Buy/Hold/Sell Recommendations
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Pam Metzger
Director of Relocation and Business Development
Colorado Landmark, Realtors
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