Designing Your Outdoor Spaces on a Budget: A Few Tips

Summer is here! Well…almost. With warmer temps filtering in, most of us have begun pulling out our summer clothes, dusting off our BBQ’s and straightening up our yards. For those of you looking to “re-vamp” your outdoor spaces this season on a budget, take a look below at a few simple and fairly inexpensive ways to turn your bland landscapes into something beautiful!

1. Paint with Purpose: One inexpensive way to add some life to your landscape is to splash some color onto doors, fences, garden furniture, pots and planters and other objects surrounding your landscaping. Adding a touch of color will make the world of difference, complimenting your garden and generating more aesthetic appeal. Not sure which colors work best in gardens? Here are a few colors to try: Teal, Deep Purples, Lime, Vibrant Greens, Deep Yellows and Dark Reds.

2. Fabric is Your Friend: Adding a little fabric to your outdoor space can work marvelously to your advantage and completely change the look of your landscape.  Add patterned throw pillows to benches and/or chairs for comfort and color, spice up old garden furniture with slipcovers and use a table cloth on picnic tables to make your eating spaces more inviting to guests. Pampering your outdoor space with fabric will create a vibrant, attractive and cozy feel for you and your guests!

3. Accessorize and Collect: Add some character to your garden with fun accessories to complete your garden’s overall look! Weathered watering cans, bird houses, baskets, and vintage gardening tools are all examples of collectible items that can provide your garden/outdoor space with some personality. Arrange them around your garden artistically and together so they don’t take too much away from the beautiful flower beds. To avoid a chaotic and cluttered look, keep a common theme among the items you choose and limit yourself! Most of these items can be found at thrift stores or flea markets to keep your costs down.

4. Pots, Pots and more Pots: Planting flowers in different sized pots is a fabulous, inexpensive way to really dress up outdoor spaces in and around your gardens, patios and entryways. Purchase a small collection of pots that go with one another – either the same color, material or look and put them to use in vacant, lonely areas around the house that could use a little attention. Pots grouped together with colorful flowering plants is an easy fix that will instantly jazz up any lack-luster areas around your home’s exterior.


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  1. Agree, color is key to outdoor décor. In the summer I love putting annuals in decorative pots to give my decks a colorful boost. Its also fun to watch the hummingbirds come visit the flowers! Gotta love Colorado!!

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