Eco-Friendly Habits To Practice In The Home

Recycling is a great way to be eco-friendly in the home, but not the only way! There are so many other fabulous ways to GO GREEN and keep our planet healthy. Check out a few of the simple tips and tricks listed below that you can practice daily to be more eco-wise in your home and beyond.

  • Use reusable bags when you shop and say goodbye to disposable bags!
  • Consider using a reusable water bottle from now on, and begin to eliminate plastic water bottles. 
  • Be more vigilant when it comes to turning on/off lights. When you leave the room, turn off the light right away. Are you at home during the day? Keep the lights off and let natural light illuminate your home!
  • Combine all your errands for one week into one day to reduce your driving and maximize your time!
  • Walk or ride a bike for errands that are closer. No need to start up your engines for anything that is a mile or two away.
  • Shop local at farmer’s markets (… The BOULDER FARMER’S MARKET is absolutely fantastic!)
  • Pay Bills online and switch to paperless statements if possible.
  • Line dry your laundry rather than using the dryer. Not only will you be greener for doing so, but your linens will smell unbelievable!
  • Donate and shop at thrift stores.
  • Unplug any chargers or appliances that aren’t being heavily used.
  • Collect rain water to use later for watering your gardens and plants.
  • Don’t throw away glass jars and containers. Rather, repurpose them for other uses in the home.
  • Try to use cloth napkins daily rather than paper napkins/towels.
  • Need to print something? Use old scrap paper or consider printing double-sided if you plan to print multiple pages.
  • Switch to cloth diapers or begin doing a combination with disposable diapers. One cloth diaper a day means 365 fewer disposable diapers in the landfill each year.


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