Environmental Landmark in Boulder Real Estate SOLD by … Colorado Landmark!

Joel Ripmaster, President and Owner of Colorado Landmark, Realtors, has successfully closed on the Next West Home, at 429 Spruce Street in Boulder, CO for a sales price of $2.2 million.

The home garnered local and national attention for its LEED Platinum certification and “Net Zero Carbon” status – one of the first homes in America to hold such a title. Built by the Zero Carbon initiative, the home is a mixture of luxury features and sustainable building techniques, employing technology such as solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, gray water and direct plumbing systems. Materials included 100-year old recycled brick, FSC certified wood, LED lighting, energy star appliances, and a garage pre-wired for an electric car.

“With this house we are really building for the future,” says Ripmaster. “The quality and workmanship, the ability for the house to take care of itself off the grid, appropriate size and livability, the Next West House is truly a look into the future. In 50-100 years people will look back at this house as the beginning of a new age of building, and as evidence that our generation finally ‘got it’.”

The buyer was represented by Laura Whittaker-Morningstar, also with Colorado Landmark, Realtors. For more information on this unique home visit http://www.429spruce.com/ .

This remarkable home was also featured on the Luxury Portfolio Fine Property Collection website and blog. Luxury Portfolio is the world’s most exciting and innovative luxury home marketing program. Colorado Landmark, Realtors is the only real estate company in the entire Boulder-Denver area to hold the distinction of membership in the Luxury Portfolio Fine Property Collection program. To see all of Colorado Landmark’s luxury listings on this fascinating website click here.