Fourmile Fire – Information and Links

We are devastated about the fire that is burning in Boulder today. Stories are coming in about clients and friends who have lost their homes, and many more who have been evacuated and now just have to wait. The entire downtown area of Boulder is set in a dark, smoky haze. We are all feeling the effects.

Many people are looking for current information and asking what they can do to help. Below are a few links with up-t0-date information:
Boulder Office of Emergency Management – This site seems to display the most current updates coming from the City and County of Boulder

Fourmile Fire: How to get help / How to help – Good resource with ideas of how to help, including donations being accepted at the Northern Colorado Red Cross and the Longmont Humane Society

BoulderPage Blog – A good compilation of stories and photos about the fire.

We will also be updating our Colorado Landmark, Realtors Facebook Page as we have more information.

If you have additional links or resources, please feel free to post them in the comments.

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