Household Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that we’ve SPRUNG forward into a new season, most of us have the same thing on our minds: Time for Spring cleaning! Although a dreadful event for some, Spring cleaning is essential when trying to keep a household healthy. Take a peek below at a few must-do Spring cleaning tasks that will keep you and your home in tip-top shape through the Spring and Summer months.

1. Wash the Walls: A daunting task but well worth it! Take a good look at your walls. Just like your furniture, yourSpringCleaning650 walls have the ability to accumulate A LOT of dust and dirt. While you may keep up with your  furniture cleaning and maintenance, your walls more often than not get over-looked for long periods of time. Take to your dingier walls with a damp, long-handled mop, using a sponge or a damp microfiber cloth to clean small surface areas like doors, panels and insets.

2. Mattress Re-model: Time to give your mattress a makeover. Strip the sheets and begin vacuuming the mattress using an attachment to clean every inch and seam of it thoroughly. After a quick surface vacuum, sprinkle baking powder over the mattress and let it sit for about an hour before vacuuming it all up. Doing so will fight off dust mites while providing your mattress with a fresh, clean scent!

3. Vent: Air and heat vents attract quite a bit of dust and dirt that accumulate and travel throughout the your house. Providing constant care to your vents and keeping them clean throughout the year is essential to maintaining the health and working condition of your exhaust fans, as well as the clarity and quality of the air inside your home. Cleaning your vents should be done every few months. For best results, remove the vent covers and soak them in hot water, using a sponge or microfiber towel to clean any debris left in the vent slats. Let the vents dry naturally while you vacuum around the vent locations. Screw the covers back on, and keep them clean by caring for them every few months.

4. Dish it Out: Appliances like your dishwasher don’t get the full attention they need year-round as some of your other appliances do. Even though dishwashers serve to clean things, it doesn’t mean that they are actually clean themselves! More often than not, your dishwasher has built up quite a bit of grit, grease, dirt and debris over time.

  • Remove the pull-out racks to look for any debris that may be stuck at the bottom
  • Thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies, specifically around areas where the water drains.
  • Remove any parts that of the machine that need cleaning (especially the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher)
  • Once parts are cleaned and re-installed, pour about 2 cups of vinegar at the bottom of the dishwasher and run a load without any dishes.

5. Perk up the Pillows: Washing sheets and pillowcases regularly is something we all do, but what about the pillow itself? Even with a pillow case protecting it from dust, germs and dirt, it is still important to keep your pillows fresh, clean and in good shape. A pillow case only provides a small amount of protection, so washing your pillows should become a regular to-do! Some pillow materials won’t hold in a wash cycle, so make sure you check the washing instructions for each before running a load. After washing, place the pillows in the dryer on a no-heat setting with a tennis ball or two to accompany them. Having a tennis ball in there during the cycle will help keep them in shape.

Source: Boulder Home & Garden Magazine

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  1. Wonderful spring cleaning tips! These tips aren’t usually very common, and many people tend to forget about washing the walls. Thanks for sharing!

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