How To Choose A Luxury Realtor

‘Choosing A Luxury Realtor’ 

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Jennifer Fly, Realtor at Colorado Landmark, Realtors

Today’s consumers have almost unlimited options when it comes to selecting a luxury real estate firm for the purchase or sale of a high-end property. The purchase or sale of a luxury property is about the experience of the transaction and performance of the real estate professional as much as it is about the property itself. As such, the selection of the right real estate professional is of the utmost importance. Colorado Landmark, Realtors recommends that anyone looking to select a luxury real estate firm consider the following five important criteria.
1. Specialize in Luxury: Big firms and national franchises are not necessarily better; a boutique marketing organization within a large firm or a local single office firm that specializes in luxury is probably best suited to handle the individual marketing needs of a luxury customer. Every luxury home is unique and individual – typically because it was designed and built for the needs of a very exacting individual with very unique and specific requirements. It takes an educated real estate professional who does not use an “off the shelf” approach, but rather understands the needs and sees the unique features of the home that actually make a difference in the lifestyle of the owner and future buyer.
2. Have the Right Network Connections: Luxury real estate requires exposure to a targeted demographic, as well as the ability to reach that targeted demographic on a national and international basis. It is important to choose a firm with strong ties and the right connections. It is also important to evaluate what that name or connection actually represents with regard to luxury sales statistics and strength on a global level. For example, Colorado Landmark is a member of the most comprehensive and exciting global luxury marketing program, Luxury Portfolio International. Luxury Portfolio International, the luxury marketing program of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, sells more that $1M+ home each year, has more top sales associates (according to a report from the Wall Street Journal), and has more of the top listings in the country (according to an Ultimate Homes report) than any other real estate organization. Many of these companies have worked together for over 20 years, using their combined global knowledge and expertise to create a powerful web/print marketing program. Luxury Portfolio dominates affluent print publications with ads that feature exquisite properties in highly designed ads that drive traffic to one of the largest inventories of luxury properties on the web. The web experience features over 17,000 properties which all showcase a multi-photo slide show, interactive mapping, detailed descriptions and more. And, because the site draws visitors from over 200 different countries, it has been designed to cater to an international audience by being the only luxury site in nine languages and 60+ currencies.
3. Demonstrate a Proven Track Record: Choose a firm that has a proven track record in dealing with luxury properties — a firm that has done this before and has existing clients that you can contact for references. You can always see what properties a firm is marketing and make sure that the firm you choose is entrenched in the marketplace, working with other affluent buyers and sellers. The luxury market is the very top percentage of available properties, and there is synergy within a firm that already has a number of exclusives in their inventory. Prospects are more likely to be exposed to your property as part of that firm’s “collection” of luxury properties.
4. Have a Luxury Marketing Program: All firms can “run an ad” or send out a postcard, but the effectiveness of that promotion and the overall luxury marketing program needs to be evaluated. In luxury, it’s not about more marketing, but marketing differently. The firm that you choose needs to have access to affluent buyers — and target their program to reach those buyers. If the marketing plan is going to position your property as the most expensive property in an ad, it’s probably the wrong ad and the wrong publication. The firm you choose should be able to promote your property where luxury goods and services are sold. It also helps to be part of a collection of luxury properties, as you have a better chance of getting noticed by an affluent buyer when your property appears in ads that command strong positions in powerful publications. The web is just as selective and effective marketing dictates being on sites that attract affluent consumers, not necessarily the masses. You only need one buyer, but they need to have the means with which to purchase your property. Today, the mix of websites should include those attracting local, regional and affluent customers on a global basis, as this is the key to finding the right buyer for your home.
5. Be Invested in Resources: All real estate firms are licensed to sell all properties, but it is important to choose a firm that has invested in the resources it takes to successfully market properties. Every home needs to look its very best, and for luxury properties it is even more critical that they “look like a million bucks.” The firm should assist in the process, recommending efficient solutions to correct any issues through their network of service providers and resources. Additionally, the firm should have access to resources to provide complete coordination for all event hosting, excellent photography and video sources, copywriters, graphic designers and public relations council — all d on your requirements as part of their overall marketing plan. Today’s luxury real estate firm will take care of every detail so that you have a single point of contact for an increasingly complex process that can involve many individuals throughout the sale.
The purchase or sale of a luxury home is a very individual experience. At Colorado Landmark, Realtors the core philosophy that guides all of our business is that every home is a landmark. When choosing a real estate professional to help you look for your next landmark, or to sell the one you have, make sure that you choose a firm with the right experience, connections, reputation, marketing programs, and resources that will make the experience as satisfying and memorable as possible. For more information on Colorado Landmark’s customized marketing programs or to speak to an agent who can help you find the perfect home for you and your family, call 303.443.3377 or visit