Moving With Pets

Here at Colorado Landmark, Realtors we are passionate about our furry loved ones, which is why we can truly understand the stresses that moving can have on not only you, but for your pets as well. Make your pet’s transition to your new home as safe and worry-free as possible by following a few simple tips listed below. Your furry friend will love you for it!

1.        Update your pet’s collar tag. It is extremely important that your pet can be identified properly. Make sure your pet’s identification tag is updated with your most current contact information.

2.        Collect veterinary records. If you are moving far away and will need a new vet, make sure you obtain an updated, current copy of all your pet’s vaccinations and medical history. This is useful information that you can provide to your new vet upon arriving.

3.        Food and medication should be available. Keep at least one week’s worth of food with you, along with medication in case of an emergency. You might want to ask for extra prescription refills before moving. Being prepared for your pet is essential!

4.        Keep your pet away from the chaos. Your pet is sensitive and therefore can pick up on chaos, stress and other emotions. Keep your pets in a safe, quiet place during the moving process and provide toys and treats to keep them occupied and happy. If you are choosing to use a travel crate during your move, make sure your pet is familiar with the crate environment. This will make it easier for your pet to feel “at home.” If your pet is new to the crate, it might be beneficial to gradually introduce it to your pet before you embark on your long trip.

5.        Prepare a first-aid kit. It is always important to be readily prepared in the face of an emergency. You should always try to keep a first-aid kit for your pet in the car, especially for long car rides. In the result of an injury, there are a few supplies you should keep on hand. Some of these items include: gauze pads, adhesive tape, non-stick bandages, towels and blankets, hydrogen peroxide and an extra leash. Consult with your veterinarian before your trip to learn about additional supplies you should take with you.

6.        Play it safe in the car. The best way to travel with pets is by using a crate. A crate serves as a “safe-haven” or “home” for your animal and can help alleviate any stresses or fears that come from long car rides and new environments. Always make sure you have a ‘pet-friendly” plan developed when going on trips. Research lodging and hotels that allow pets, arrange stops every so often, and make sure the car is ready to go and comfortable for your pet. Taking these small steps for your pet will make the trip easier for everyone!

7.        Find a new veterinary clinic and emergency hospital. Before moving to your new home, ask your vet to recommend a doctor or veterinary clinic in your new location. Always make sure you gather second and third opinions about clinics and doctors in your new area to ensure you and your pet are committing to the right place. Don’t be afraid to ask for tours, schedule appointments to meet the doctors or test-drive a few places before making your final decision.

8.        Prep your new home. Often times pets can feel threatened or frightened in new surroundings. One way to ensure that your pet feels more comfortable is by recreating their old environment. Upon your arrival, bring out and place all of your pets familiar items (i.e. toys, beds, blankets, water/food bowls, litter box, etc.) and put them in a safe spots around the house.

9.        Research your new area. Once you are settled in your new home and have found a veterinarian, find out if there are any local health concerns you should be aware of for your pet such as heartworm or Lyme disease, and if other vaccinations are required. Also be aware of the unique laws to your new location that may differ from where you moved from. Finally, check out surrounding parks for your pets to play, especially for dogs. It may be wise to locate some of the fenced dog parks ahead of time that are in your area!



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  2. My cat and I are going to move next month, so I’ll do my best to follow these tips. I hope they’ll help my cat.

  3. Great post! You don’t want to forget your furry family members, and doing things like getting records from the vet isn’t always the first thing on your mind when you are moving!

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