Planning Your Move–Part 3


Preparing for your move can be full of surprises, some great and some not-so great. In order to help keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve prepared a series of checklists for you. With Step 1 and Step 2 down, you are now ready to tackle Step 3!

Four to six weeks before moving:

Schedule the disconnection of all your utilities. Leave the utilities on at your old home until the day after your scheduled move.

Arrange for connection of your utilities at your new home to start the day before you arrive.
Be sure to allow for a final trash pick-up after your moving truck has left.


Ask for referrals from your primary care physician and dentist. Remember to collect your medical records as well.

If you are packing yourself, being the process of packing up non-essential items. Be sure to leave out any paperwork (such as pay stubs and bank statements) that might be required by your loan officer.

Label all packed boxes and collect them in a spare room or the garage. Taking the time to clearly and specifically label boxes will save you time once you arrive in your new home.

After you finish step 3, you are ready for your last month in your old home. Next week we will cover your checklist for 3 weeks out, and before you know it you will be all ready to settle in your new home!