Planning Your Move–Part 4

For those of you following our “Planning Your Move Series”, we are in the final stretch before your move is final! Step 3 took you to one month out, and now we start tackling everything that you need to do in your last month at your current home.

Three weeks before you move:

  • Hold a moving/estate sale.
  • Pick up a Change of Address Kit at the Post Office, or go to and schedule your address change online.
  • Send change of address information to:
  • o Accountant.
    o Credit card companies.
    o Insurance agents.
    o Magazines and other periodicals.
    o Video, DVD and other media subscriptions.
    o Your car dealer, if your car is still under warranty.
    o Lawyer.
    o Brokerage house or investment firm.
    o Your current employer’s 401-K administrator (for rollover
    o Your current employer’s HR Department (for W-2 forms
    at year end).
    o Alumni associations.
  • Give notice to:
  • o Schools.
    o Health club.
    o Church or Synagogue.
    o Book club.
    o Volunteer and service organizations.
    o Condominium or homeowners association.
    o Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
    o Return all library books, videos.
  • Cancel services such as lawn care, snow removal, pest control and milk/water delivery.

You’re almost there! Next week we will cover the last part of the checklist that needs to be completed before your big move!