Regular Sewer Maintenance Tips from Scott Home Inspection

Did you know your sewer line requires regular maintenance? 

Obstructions in your sewer line can lead to poor drainage, decaying pipes, and even back-ups.


On older homes, older pipes are prone to offsets and tree root intrusion.


Setting ground around newer homes can cause pipes to shift over time. Or build-ups of grease and gunk can slow down drain water.


Because of these issues, it is important to have an independent sewer scope done regularly to understand the condition of your line.


A sewer scope inspection can help determine what needs to be done to keep things flowing smoothly.


We can recommend rooting or cleaning of the line, or larger repairs if needed.


Consider having a sewer scope done along with our maintenance inspection to ensure your house is in good condition from top to bottom!


It pays to maintain one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make!

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