Safely Supporting the Essential Real Estate Market

Safely Supporting the Essential Real Estate Market

As Colorado’s Front Range “essential” real estate industry proceeds cautiously through these trying times, Scott Home Inspection is confidently standing by your side, ready to do our part in the transaction process.

Like everyone else, we have tightened up our policies and procedures and are asking clients and agents not to attend inspections during this particularly important time. This will help flatten the curve and keep all parties on both sides of the transaction as safe as possible.

In addition to diligently following the CDC Guidelines, we are taking the following steps at our inspections to bring you and your clients closer to the inspection as if you were there! These actions include:

1. Taking more high-resolution pictures and including video clips of pertinent issues such as water leaks. See our report sample here.
2. Providing brief phone summaries after the inspections, and more in-depth phone summaries after the reports are sent out
3. Notifying listing office after inspections are completed so homeowners can return home if requested
4. Online Scheduling, with dedicated Customer Service to help answer your questions 24/7.
5. Same-Day report turn around.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help! We are #ColoradoStrong and “we are all in this (alone) together!”

Why Does My House Need Ventilation?

Houses are complex structures with many installed systems working simultaneously to produce a safe and comfortable living space. Proper home ventilation is the key to good indoor air quality.

While it may be easy to focus on the things that you see, like natural light through windows and paint colors, the comfort of a house is found in its mechanical systems.  Old drafty houses and new airtight houses each pose their own set of challenges to overcome in order to produce a truly healthy and comfortable home.

Our latest article explores the differences between older and newer home ventilation requirements.


This article is part of our Back To Basics series. These articles are made to help clients and agents further understand how homes work.

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More Information

Carbon Monoxide detectors are required during every home transaction. However, rules and placement can be a little tricky. We broke down the Colorado law to ensure everyone gets it right.

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Is a home inspection worth it? This might be a question you heard before from one of your buyers. Although it always varies, we looked at the data and compared our past inspections to see if we saved buyers money.



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