Simple “Hacks” To Fix Most Common Annoyances in the Home

Home owners can all share in some of the annoyances faced on the home front – From leaky faucets and squeaky floors to running toilets and foggy window panes. Take a peek below at few of the more common issues facing homeowners and the fantastic tricks to fix those pesky problems around your home for good!

1. Rotting Wood at Base of Window – Epoxy is a wonderful solution to help clean up and fix any rotted wood areas below your windows. Remove all of the rotted wood first, then apply the epoxy. You’ll have some time to work with/mold  it before it hardens!

2. Smell Refresh – Often times we want to give our home a clean, refreshing scent without having to scrub every square inch of our house. Possible? Yes! Try sprinkling a few drops of vanilla extract onto your furnace filter, or any other essential oil you fancy! This will give your home a quick, refreshing scent without the labor!

3. Squeaky Floors – Especially for those of you that have old wood floors, a squeaking “feature” may be present from time to time. Sweep talcum powder between the floorboards that are rubbing up against each other. Doing so will aid in eliminating the squeak factor and is a great quick-fix!

4. Stripped screws– “Ugh.” Unfortunately it happens. And often times, at the worst possible moment! An easy solution is to place a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver. The rubber helps by griping the stripped screw.

5. Stainless Steel – Most of us love to have stainless steel appliances in our homes, but there comes a price with their sleek and sophisticated beauty – fingerprints and smudging! To prevent this from happening, apply a thin layer of olive oil to the surface with a soft cloth – doing so will provide your appliance with a protective barrier.

6. Dripping Faucets – How often do we see this happen in our kitchen and bathroom sinks? More often than not, you’re dealing with a worn washer. Replacing the washer is any easy and inexpensive fix – however locating the washer can often create some difficulty depending on what kind of faucet you have. Make sure you determine the type of washer you’ll need by visiting the manufacturer’s site. Once identifying the right faucet and the corresponding washer you’ll need, you can move forward with the repair!

7. Window Screen Tears – If the rip is small enough, clear nail polish will mend it easily and keep it closed! Who would have thought!? If you are dealing with a bigger hole/tear however, you made need to consider replacing the window screen to keep the unwanted elements outside and away from your interior spaces!

8. Rust in Your Sink – Toothpaste is a great fix for getting rid of rust stains in your sinks. Cover the stain with toothpaste for about 10-15 minutes, apply a little baking soda, then use a soft cloth to rub it out. This should do the trick!

9. Streaky Windows – You’d think wiping and cleaning windows would be a cinch but sometimes it can leave an awful, streaky aftermath! Next time you clean your windows, do so on a cloudy day so as to avoid the sun drying the cleaner before you have the chance to wipe it away. Also, skip the paper towels for drying and use newspapers instead. They are less expensive and tend to do a better job!

10. Water Marks on Wood – So, one of your guests (or family members) decided NOT to use a coaster on your gorgeous coffee table and now you are left with an ugly water mark stain, and of course the task of trying to determine how on earth you’ll be able to get it out. Here is something to try! Place a small dry towel over the water mark, covering it completely, and lightly take a medium-hot iron to it going over it gently for a couple minutes. This may aid in lifting the moisture left from the stain. If that doesn’t work, you can also try wiping the stain with denatured alcohol and a dampened cloth.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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  1. Thanks for sharing, these are great tips! I especially love the stainless steel tip in using olive oil to eliminate smudges, seems like I battle this in my kitchen all of the time!! Great ideas for easy fixes.

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