Small Ways to Save Big

Saving money is not easy! Take a peek at a few simple tricks that you can try to help cushion your savings account and help keep you on track with budgeting your hard earned dollars. 


1. Credit Cards with Rewards: Take advantage of credit cards that offer rewards and cash back deals. If you are spending a large chunk of your money each month on gas and groceries , having a credit card with a rewards program will end up giving YOU money in your pocket!

2. Pack Your Lunch: You can save a lot of your bucks by bringing your lunch to work every day. It is easy for many of us to grab a quick bite each day, but eventually it adds up and before you know it that “quick lunch”  becomes $30-$40 a week! Pull out the brown bags and start bringing your lunch every day. You’ll save a bundle!

3. Comparison Shop: Are you getting the best deal on your auto-insurance? It is easy to overlook this expense, and others similar to this but it is possible that you could get even lower rates to help save you some money. Make some calls to determine if you are getting the best possible rate!

4. Rid the Gym Membership: Gym memberships are a costly monthly expense for many. Even if for only a couple months, ditch the gym membership and try getting your daily exercise in other ways. Reach out to the community centers near you to see if they offer any exercise facilities to the public, invest in free weights to do in the comfort of your own home, and/or take to nature for some hiking and running with friends or neighbors.

5. Adjust your Cell Phone Plan: Not using all those minutes? Talk with your service provider to figure out the best monthly plan for you in accordance to your monthly cell phone usage and activity. It is possible you are spending more that you need to! Familiarize yourself with your cell phone plan and make sure you are getting the best possible monthly rate. A few dollars can make a HUGE difference.

Source: RISMedia