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Stress Less This Holiday Season

Quick Mindfulness Tips:

  1. Breathe – Take slow, deep breaths into your body and feel tension dissolve. Breathing oxygenates the body, clears the mind and re-focuses us right back to the now.
  2. One Thing at a Time – Choose to be present and focused JUST on the activity at hand – be it writing, talking on the phone or cooking dinner. Or maybe, organizing to make room for holiday gifts! This is one of the best times of year to get organized with the upcoming influx of gifts.
  3. Prioritize & Delegate – Does everything need to get done now? Consider hiring help. Your time is worth it and the investment will pay off in many ways.  Organization & Relocation is here to help you with all of your holiday details!
  4. Relax – Understand that everything is fine, and everything will get done!

‘Tis The Season To Give Back

It’s a wonderful time of year to clear out the closets and storage areas of your home and donate those items to charities and shelters for the homeless.

We at Organization & Relocation have upfront knowledge of how much difference clearing spaces in your home can make. The added benefit of donating those household and clothing items to shelters and charitable organizations makes the changes even more of an impact. It is so rewarding to know your items will benefit others and you benefit by improving your space.

Handy Products & Pro-Organization Tips!

Some of our best holiday storage ideas are right at our finger tips!

Our family has numerous nutcrackers and I have for years, stored them rather haphazardly. Now, with this tall storage container, I feel confident that my variety of Nutcrackers are secured until next season.

Check out these Tall Collectible Storage Bins out from THE CONTAINER STORE!

How Do You Secure Ornaments?

These clear, simple containers with individual sections for each item makes packing away your ornaments a snap! And, guess what? Taking them out for next season is too!

These holiday tips are  simple  and will make life easier for years to come.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Organization & Relocation!

We are grateful and thankful for every one of you.

Thank you!


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