Tips For A Smooth Back-to-School Transition

It’s that time of year again, friends! Time for the kiddo’s to head back to school – which for most of us, can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Whether your little one’s or teens are back to school already or are on their way, here are few little tips to keep this time of the year stress free – for the whole family!
Capture1. REST: For the entire family, a good night’s sleep is extremely important during this crazy time. A well-rested family means more productivity in the morning along with livelier and happier moods!
2. CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE: Try to implement a morning routine for the entire family that everyone can follow. Consistency will help keep things in order and will make it clear to each family member who is doing what every morning. Establish expectations as a family so that your mornings are hassle-free.
3. GET A HEAD START: Pack lunches, fill back-packs and organize outfits the night before to reduce the chaos in the morning. Making this a part of your nightly routine will allow for a more relaxed morning with the family and ultimately keep you better organized.
4. COMMUNICATE SCHEDULES: Whether you come from a big family or small family, schedules won’t always match up. Talk about your family’s daily/weekly obligations, appointments, and sports practices together. Communicating ahead of time will keep everyone on the same page and will make your day(s) and week(s) much more manageable.
5. STAY ORGANIZED: Follow up to make sure homework is completed the night before, projects are ready and a system is in place to transport them, and see to it that everyone in the family has what they need before they begin their day. Creating a “family station” in the house is a great way to keep all the necessities needed for the day in a centralized location – whether it’s shoes, coats, athletic gear, projects, backpacks, briefcases, keys etc..
6. PLAN FAMILY TIME: Keep a balance between your family’s busy schedules and family/personal time. Often, the beginning of the school year can become overwhelming and cause disruptions leading to very little time spent with family members. Avoid this by insisting on having designated nights for family activities or special dinners so that everyone stays connected.
7. CREATE A FAMILY CALENDAR: Mark up a calendar with each family members school events, appointments, practices, activities, meetings etc… By incorporating every family member’s schedule onto one calendar, you’ll be able to coordinate better on days that are busier than other’s and work through any transportation issue or other scheduling conflicts that may arise during the week.