We Are All in This Together!

We are here for you

Here at Colorado Landmark, Realtors, we are actively keeping our finger on the economic pulse. 

Please call us at any time to ask questions and we will share any  information we have learned.  In the meantime, if you are thinking about buying or selling your home this year, here are some things you can do now to prepare:


1)    Please file your federal (and state) tax returns: the government has extended the filing deadline to July 15th, however you can still file your tax return, even if you’re not ready to pay your final 2019 tax bill.  You must have this complete for your pre-approval letters, but in general, procrastination is not useful, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands right now.


2)    If you have been thinking of selling, this is a great time to de-clutter and get your home ready! Check out our blog post about easy home updates you can do right now:



3.  If you are planning to purchase a new home, speak with a lender to get pre-approved.


4)    If you MUST buy or sell, we have a safe plan for you.  Please reach out and we will go over all the safety precautions that we have in place.



5) Stay safe: keep your immune system high, stay at home and when you head out, please follow social distancing protocols, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently, especially after returning to your house from shopping, etc.



We will get through this together!