What Today’s Buyers Are Looking For In A Home

What is most important to buyer’s nowadays? Check out a list of some of the top things Millennials tend to look for in a home.
Quality of Neighborhood: According to The National Association of Realtor’s 2012 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, neighborhoods/environments have become increasingly important to buyers when looking to purchase a home.
Travel Convenience to Job: Millennials are now choosing to buy homes that offer more work-life balance and less time spent commuting and/or sitting in traffic. The closer to work, the better!
Quality of School Systems: A recent survey by Realtor.com revealed that almost 45% of today’s buyers are willing to pay a premium for highly-rated, quality schools.
15 Year Worthy:  Today’s buyers expect to stay in their home close to 15 years. Finding a home that supports their lifestyles as they grow and evolve through that time period has become extremely important.
Mortgage: Getting a mortgage can be quite challenging, especially in today’s strict credit environment. Considering homes below what they may qualify for has become more of a priority for buyer’s in order to UP the loan to value ratio.
Energy Efficiency: Today, buyers are showing much more interest in energy saving features. A recent survey from the National Association of Homebuilders revealed that 94% of home buyers wanted energy-star rated appliances, 91% wanted energy-star rating for the entire home, 89% wanted energy-star rated windows and 88% wanted ceiling fans.
Open Floor Plans: Open, spacious rooms allow for great entertaining and thus, more time spent with friends and family members.
High Ceilings:  Taller ceilings offer more aesthetic appeal to a home, but also provide better air circulation and more natural light than homes with lower ceilings.
Technology: Technology continues to advance, more and more buyers today are looking for homes that are “technologically equipped.” Homes with far more technological amenities seem to speak more to buyer’s than other home features.


From RIS MEDIA: The Leader in Real Estate Information